SH Construction, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in structural framing and roofing located in Catoosa, Ok. We specialize in major wood structural repairs caused by fire and storm, collapsed roofs and floors and general wood rot and neglect. This includes load bearing wall removal and lvl beam installations. Our service area includes all of Oklahoma including Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

  As a wood framing and roofing contractor, SH Construction offers a unique service. We can provide the demolition, framing and roofing on all types of projects that require removing all or portions of the roof structure that has damage from collapsed rafters or trusses and rotten decking.  Working with engineer’s, restoration contractors and insurance adjuster’s has given us valuable experience in the reconstruction of damaged structures and the way the entire process works. 

  SH Construction has an Oklahoma roofing permit # 80001790 for all roofing projects. Being able to offer roofing provides us with a fast put back of roof structure repairs since we provide the roofing when we remove existing roofing, decking or rafters.

  SH Construction takes on all types of residential and commercial projects. From new construction, roofing, framing, load bearing wall removal, interior remodeling, cement sidings, decks and more we provide the experience and work ethic’s to provide a quality product. 

  Give us a call for a free estimate that is detailed and in writing. 918-798-8524 or 918-798-0152

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  SH Construction offers complete wood and composite deck services. We can help you design your deck if required and will work with you to give you the deck you dream of. For a more affordable deck, use treated lumber. 

  Composite materials make for a beautiful deck. Composite has a warranty that comes with the product for a number of years. It can be installed with composite screws or use the hidden fastener system. 

Need a patio cover or deck? Give us a call at 918-798-0152
Decks and Patio Covers and Pergola's
Load Bearing Wall Removal and LVL Beams
  Removing a load bearing wall can be a dangerous project to take on unless you have experience. Our experience gives us the knowledge to remove the wall safely and professional. SH Construction has worked on many engineer reports requiring lvl or structural beam installations where a roof or floor is sagging. In most cases, lvl beams are installed where the wall was removed to support the weight of the ceiling joist and roof. The lvl beam can be installed below the ceiling or above the ceiling. 
Structural Framing
  SH Construction has been working with engineers, adjusters, restoration contractors and homeowners repairing major structural damage caused by fire, storms, water or general wood structural failure for many years. SH offers demolition, framing and roofing services and also general contracting. Our experience leaves us with the unique ability to repair major structural damage to all codes and specs. SH saves time when replacing roof structures because we use our own crews to dry in the roofing as we rebuild it and keep the building as dry as possible while under construction. This is a highly specialized service that requires experience and common sense. SH is one of the few Tulsa framing contractors who also has an Oklahoma roofing permit as required by the state of Oklahoma. (CIB#80001790)
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  Over the years as a framing contractor, we discovered that having our own licensed roofing crew would be a valuable service to us and to our customers. Trying to keep the interior of the home dry while the repairs are being made to a roof is extremely important. If the roof structure requires repairs such as broken rafters or sagging roof, since we are on site working on the rafter or truss repair, we can save time by installing the roofing as we build back. Roofing services include comp shingles, slate, metal and wood. SH Construction has an Oklahoma roofing permit #80001790 as required by the state of Oklahoma to install roofing.
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